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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong Promises To Shout “Thank You” If He Wins The Newcomer Award

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Kim Jaejoong, a member of Korean boyband JYJ, made a promise with his fans. On 6 Aug, he accepted an interview after he ended his shoot in MBC TV Drama “Dr Jin”, where he stars as a descendent of a descendant to a long line of master swordsmen. He revealed his thoughts about participating in a historical drama for the first time.

Although Kim Jaejoong has debuted 9 years ago, he is still considered a green horn when it comes to acting, as “Dr Jin”is only his second drama filmed in Korea. Although it is his first time acting in a historical drama, it was not difficult for him to portray complicated feelings, displaying his remarkable acting skills as he immerses into his character, attaining praises from the audience.

In reply to the question about whether he would be receiving the newcomer acting award at the end of the year, Kim Jaejoong said, “I’d be really happy if I could have that honour. Even if I don’t get the award, I’ll still focus on acting seriously. I still hope I’ll receive that award though, since it's the only once in a lifetime chance for an actor to receive the newcomer award.”

Looking at his remarkable acting skills as well as the drama’s viewership, there should be a high chance of Kim Jaejoong winning the award. He said, “If I really get the award, I’ll fork out money to build a subway station outside fans’ houses. Haha, I’m kidding. But if I really am that lucky to receive that award, I’ll definitely do a V pose (Victory pose) in front of my fans, and shout ‘Thank you!’”.

After the reporter also suggested Kim jaejoong to shout “Thank You!” as he did in an ad (JYJ had endorsed a medicine brand, and this line that was mentioned in the ad had become a popular lingo among fans), Jaejoong laughed and said, “I will definitely do a V pose with both hands!”

It seems like it should not be difficult for Kim Jaejoong to fulfil his promise with his fans, as he had achieved surprisingly good results through his first appearance in a historical drama. He is no longer that singer that only stands on stage with thick make-up, but has swiftly evolved into an actor with good substance. We hope to be able to see him raise both hands, shouting “Thank you!” at the awards ceremony at the end of the year.

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