[TRANS] 121015 Charitable Idols JYJ, Even Their Donation Events Are At Worldwide Level

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JYJ, has received much attention recently for continuously doing donation events, allowing children around the world to receive much aid.

Students from Thailand who were affected by the floods had received medical aid and educational materials and their joyful expressions were captured on video, which was released via JYJ’s official youtube channel( http://www.youtube.com/CJESJYJ) recently.

Last year in autumn, Thailand met with the most severe floods in the last 50 years, affecting 1 million children and over 9 million people. JYJ not only donated 200 million won worth of relief aid items, they also helped to restructure many businesses and appealed to the public to join them in a video message, eventually receiving many appreciation letters from their Thai fans.

From July to October last year, JYJ also supported “WASH”, a project by Canada’s elementary school, situated at the Fungurume region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through building clean washrooms, and educating the teachers and students about hygiene-related illnesses, the residents were more united as they interacted more often with residents from other regions. “WASH” project allowed much improvements of the hygiene conditions of 847 students and 6 teachers, and 300 residents were educated on hygiene, while over 40,000 people had access to the radio broadcast about epidemic diseases.

JYJ members not only donated scholarships individually, they also aided many less fortunate families in Korea and worldwide as a group, and continued sharing about child hunger overseas. JYJ said, “Whenever we see the happy smiles on childrens’ faces as they receive their educational items, we’d feel that it’s a pity we can’t hand these to them personally. We hope to donate more to the needy in future.”

On the other hand, JYJ has been busy with their solo activities. Kim Jaejoong’s “Jackal is coming” will hit the cinemas in November, while Park Yoochun’s TV drama “Miss you” will be broadcasted soon. Kim Junsu has successfully ended his solo concert tours in Asia and America, and is currently preparing for his Europe tour.

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[NEWS] 120927 TVXQ! Left A Special Message For Korean Thanksgiving Day!

TVXQ! dressing up in Hanbok sent a special Korean Thanksgiving Day’s greeting.

TVXQ! said, “We wish you all have a happy Korean Thanksgiving Day with your family. There are many people suffering from aftereffect of holiday, but hope you can overcome the aftereffect by listening to TVXQ!’s new song ‘Catch Me.’”

Moreover, TVXQ!’s new album ‘Catch Me,’ released on the 26th, ranked at 1st both on the real time and daily charts of ‘Hanteo Chart’ and ‘Hot Tracks.’  

Meanwhile, the video with TVXQ!’s special message for Korean Thanksgiving Day will be released through YouTube SMTOWN channel, YouTube TVXQ! channel and TVXQ! facebook today.

and here's the video:

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[TRANS] 120912 Messages From TVXQ! From The Official Homepage

Hello~ We're TVXQ!


[From. U-Know] 

To everyone who came today I would like to thank you and I feel so touched~ 
You all gave me strength. It's been a while being with all of our fans and it feels good to have this great atmosphere.

[From. MAX] 
We became gods in "Gods of Victory kkk


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laughing sehun

[TRANS] Idol Group TVXQ Wants To Spend Their 10th Year Anniversary With Fans


[My Daily = Intern Reporter Jeon Hyung Jin] Idol group TVXQ! wants to spend their 10th year anniversary with the fans.

TVXQ! recently had a photoshoot with one of the best fashion magazines, Cosmopolitan for their September issue. The 50's movie theme for the photoshoot was also emphasized with autumn accessories such as classic jackets and scarfs.

For this interview regarding their 10th year anniversary, member U-Know Yunho said "(for our 10th year anniversary) I want to hold an event together with the fans."

And "I want to show a fun live and performance that everyone can enjoy instead of a cool one." he went on further regarding his wish for their 10th anniversary event.

Regarding their record-breaking cumulative sales in Japan that holds a 3,100,000 mark, member Choikang Changmin says "The feeling is really good. I think that it's an honor to be talked about in the Japanese market beside other world-famous artists. I would like to keep breaking new records so that when other artists break our records, our name TVXQ! will still be talked about in the coming years."

[Planning their 10th year anniversary, member Choikang Changmin (left) and member U-Know Yunho (right) photo: Cosmopolitan]

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[TRANS] 120808 Kim Jaejoong Promises To Shout “Thank You” If He Wins The Newcomer Award

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Kim Jaejoong, a member of Korean boyband JYJ, made a promise with his fans. On 6 Aug, he accepted an interview after he ended his shoot in MBC TV Drama “Dr Jin”, where he stars as a descendent of a descendant to a long line of master swordsmen. He revealed his thoughts about participating in a historical drama for the first time.

Although Kim Jaejoong has debuted 9 years ago, he is still considered a green horn when it comes to acting, as “Dr Jin”is only his second drama filmed in Korea. Although it is his first time acting in a historical drama, it was not difficult for him to portray complicated feelings, displaying his remarkable acting skills as he immerses into his character, attaining praises from the audience.

In reply to the question about whether he would be receiving the newcomer acting award at the end of the year, Kim Jaejoong said, “I’d be really happy if I could have that honour. Even if I don’t get the award, I’ll still focus on acting seriously. I still hope I’ll receive that award though, since it's the only once in a lifetime chance for an actor to receive the newcomer award.”

Looking at his remarkable acting skills as well as the drama’s viewership, there should be a high chance of Kim Jaejoong winning the award. He said, “If I really get the award, I’ll fork out money to build a subway station outside fans’ houses. Haha, I’m kidding. But if I really am that lucky to receive that award, I’ll definitely do a V pose (Victory pose) in front of my fans, and shout ‘Thank you!’”.

After the reporter also suggested Kim jaejoong to shout “Thank You!” as he did in an ad (JYJ had endorsed a medicine brand, and this line that was mentioned in the ad had become a popular lingo among fans), Jaejoong laughed and said, “I will definitely do a V pose with both hands!”

It seems like it should not be difficult for Kim Jaejoong to fulfil his promise with his fans, as he had achieved surprisingly good results through his first appearance in a historical drama. He is no longer that singer that only stands on stage with thick make-up, but has swiftly evolved into an actor with good substance. We hope to be able to see him raise both hands, shouting “Thank you!” at the awards ceremony at the end of the year.

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[TRANS] 120716 "Successful Asia Tour" Kim Junsu To Hold World Tour In America And Europe

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Singer Kim Junsu will go on a world tour in Europe and North and South America.

CJES Entertainment, who manages Kim Junsu announced on 16th that "Kim Junsu has released his first solo album, and he has swept the (music) charts of various continents. He will be taking a next step to going on a world tour after the Asian tour."

Kim Junsu will be taking a world tour in 2-3 cities in Europe and North and South America.

CJES Entertainment expressed, "This tour is to be in conjunction with Kim Junsu's repackaged album which is in the midst of preparations. This album is targeted at the world market and will include an English song music video which will be produced in the US. Currently, we are not able to announce any information regarding the famous American crew that will be participating in this."

American officials said that they have seen the success of JYJ's world tour, as well as the rising popularity of Kim Junsu in Korea. The title track "Tarantallegra" showed attempts of being different from Kpop music and the music video received high praises. They feel that Kim Junsu would be able to demonstrate global popularity through his world tour.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu has held his Asian tour in Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia, China and is currently preparing for his final leg of his Asian tour, to be held in Hongkong.

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[TRANS] 120615 Xia Junsu Press Conference In Jakarta


it took me 40 minutes to prepare for this look, but i've been sporting this style ever since 6 months ago.

i landed in Jakarta last night. I actually have always wanted to visit Indonesia, but since there are things that need to be done first, i've only got the chance now. This is my first visit to Indonesia; i'm very interested to look around Jakarta. and i will tell my friends about Indonesia after i get back to Korea.


To satisfy Indonesian Xiahpwas, Junsu admitted to have been studying Bahasa Indonesia. He gave his smiles and laugh often during the Press Conference. The man who just participated in the Musical Mozart and really fond of Soccer looks enthusiastic when talking about his new album.


The word “Tarantallegra” is very  unique, that’s why I chose the word. While I was writing for the song, someone suggested me to use ‘Tarantallegra’ . It is one of the spell in the “Harry Potter” Movie and so I match the makeup concept and everything else to be connected to it. 
I’m always changing (t/n when asked about his idol) and after that, my idol is now Mozart.

I actually feel content with my career now, but if i could turn back the time, I would like to be a soccer player because I really like playing soccer. I'm just feeling very grateful with what I have now in my young age.

[Roni Sianturi (Promoter)]

The request is to bring one person, but the one who came was 30 people... (t/n vid cut off here)

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[NEWS] 080612 TVXQ To JYJ, K-pop To K-drama, Park Yuchun Does It All

Park Yu-chun, star of the SBS drama “Rooftop Prince,” rose to fame with the K-pop group TVXQ before splitting off with two other members to form JYJ. By Kwon Hyuk-jae

K-pop stars come and go, with only a handful staying on the scene in the long run. Park Yu-chun, also known as Micky Yoochun, is among the rare few who emerged almost a decade ago and still cause traffic jams every time an appearance is announced. 

The 26-year-old member of JYJ has made it in both the K-pop and K-drama markets and proved he is still among the hottest stars with the success of the recent SBS drama “Rooftop Prince.” He won his second straight Most Popular Actor in a TV Drama award at the 48th Baeksang Arts Awards earlier this year.

In the hit drama, Park plays a crown prince of the Joseon Dynasty, Lee Gak, who travels into the future to modern-day Seoul where he falls in love with Park Ha (Han Ji-min). Prince Lee, the only character who speaks in the Joseon-era style, is lost in and overwhelmed by the contemporary capital, yet his love for Park is unwavering. The JYJ star said acting in such a farfetched storyline was a challenge, but nonfictional aspects made the task a bit easier.

“While acting in this drama I was able to grasp how much Lee Hee-myung, the writer of the show, misses his wife after their split six years ago,” Park said. “This made it easier to comprehend the character and act more naturally.

“I felt really sorry and sad for Park Ha when I had to leave her behind to go back to the Joseon Dynasty. The story itself was more genuine and affectionate than modern-day love stories.” 

The actor said that “Rooftop Prince” has a special place in his heart as well, as his father passed away in March while it was in production. If he ever gets an opportunity to travel in time, Park said he would go back to when he lived in America with his father.

Due to financial difficulties, Park and his family left for the United States when he was in sixth grade, where he helped his father work construction jobs.

“It was a tiring job,” Park said. “I looked for ways to get away with it at the time. But looking back, I think it was one of the good memories I have had with my father. If I knew it then, I could have made it a better memory for him too.” 

He moved back to Seoul and joined SM Entertainment, the agency that backed his debut with TVXQ in 2003. It was with this K-pop group that Park rose to fame, touring across Asia and releasing single after single in Korea and Japan. 

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing. In 2009, Park, Kim Jun-su and Kim Jae-joong of TVXQ filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment over contract disputes. The three split and formed their own band, JYJ.

Despite the drama surrounding his nine-year singing career, or perhaps because of it, Park’s fans have remained devoted and the star is still one of the most talked about idols in Korea. 

His foray into television started with the KBS2 drama “Seonggyungwan Scandal” in 2010 and then followed up with MBC’s “Miss Ripley” in 2011. His starring in “Rooftop Prince” led to its phenomenal viewer ratings - the highest among all competing dramas. 

“I try to forget about the pressure of acting well,” Park said. “I did not have to force myself to cry in ‘Rooftop Prince.’ Putting myself in the character’s situation naturally made me cry. I have a scratch on my face that I try to cover up with makeup when I act. But I quit doing that. Nothing should be hidden.”

By Kim Hyo-eun [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

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[TRANS] 120524 Kim Jaejoong Holds Fanmeeting In Taiwan, Earns A Million TWD For The Night

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Korean boyband JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong held a fanmeet in Taiwan in his own name for the first time on 23 May, attracting a total of 2600 fans. He sang two songs at the fanmeet, earning one million TWD within a day in Taiwan.

There were four interactive game segments in the fanmeet—Charades, Pictionary, Q&A session as well as “attacking” Jaejoong’s bag to see what was inside. These games allowed fans to be able to interact with Jaejoong upclose, and he even lifted up his top to show off his muscles willingly, causing his manager to break into cold sweat as the fans screamed loudly.

Kim Jaejoong also created a romantic atmosphere, displaying his vocals as he performed “I’ll Protect You”, the OST of Korean drama “Protect The Boss”. He also performed a Korean ballad “For you”. As he loves drawing, he even brought the popular app game “Draw Something” on stage, showing off his talent in drawing. As expected, fans could easily guess his drawings, giving Jaejoong much pleasure.

Surprisingly, Kim Jaejoong actually has much knowledge about health supplements at such a young age! He brings medicine for liver protection, and even vitamins for knee and joints protection everywhere he goes. He explained that he had to ensure that he is constantly in tip top condition as he has filming, and have no other choice but to take care of himself through taking these health supplements, causing fans to feel much heart pain.

Kim Jaejoong missed Taiwan delicacies so much that he chose spicy hotpot for his celebration party after the fanmeet ended. After eating, he immediately posted a picture on twitter of himself holding soup dumplings in one hand, while using chopsticks to hold a piece of meat dumpling in another hand, allowing international fans to feel his happiness being in Taiwan.

Constant yawning during his rushed schedule

Kim Jaejoong held his personal fanmeet at ATT Showbox last night in Taiwan, and even though the most expensive ticket costs 4500 TWD, the tickets were sold out within an hour.

Kim Jaejoong has recently started filming Korean drama “Dr. Jin”, he tweeted yesterday morning showing a series of photos of him yawning, and wrote, “I’m so sleep till I have double eyelids, I’m so tired, ah!”. He arrived in Taiwan in mid-afternoon, and there were 300 fans welcoming him at Taoyuan international airport, and he immediately proceeded to Jinghua Hotel.

At night, fans screamed the minute he appeared at the fanmeet, and after singing “I’ll Protect you” and “For You”, he did his usual greetings to the fans in Chinese, saying, “Hi everyone, I’m Kim Jaejoong.”

Attacking his bag, revealing medicine bottles

It has been a year since Kim Jaejoong last visited Taiwan, and he expressed that he has always been eating soup dumplings and would like to try other Taiwanese delicacies. He laughed, “I want to eat something that’s good for men’s health!”. At which, the host immediately introduced him to snake soup at Huaxi Road, to which Jaejoong asked, “Is it delicious?”. Fans immediately replied, “Ne! (‘Yes!’ in Korean)”. Jaejoong said he would try it the next time.

The contents of his bag was searched and shown during the fanmeet, revealing his wallet, handphone and cologne, as well as knee and liver health supplements and cod oil. He said, “I don’t have time to eat during filming, so I can only eat health supplements to take care of myself.”, leaving fans feeling the heartache for him. He left Taiwan today at 1:30pm via flight KE692.

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