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[TRANS] 101219 Changmin RAY Magazine Interview - Part 1

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We Love Changmin, Now & Forever

Using his gentle smile, healing girls all over Japan, this is Changmin.

In this photoshoot, he becomes a fashionable photographer.

In this interview, we asked him 50 questions!

To understand the Changmin of today and his answers, you have to read this!

Ray Exclusive – I want to understand Changmin – 50 Questions

1) What is your Motto?
Honesty is the best policy. (T/N: An equivalent of this phrase)
This is how my parents have been educating me since I was young. Often, when I lied to them because I made a mistake, they would get really angry. (Laughs) So, it seemed like they wouldn’t get angry if I was honest.

2) When did you feel like you had actually grown up?
When memories of the past start to flood into my mind.
For example, when I start to miss the interactions between my elementary and junior high school friends, and when I see old cartoons or toys that stir up memories of my childhood.

3) When do you feel like you are still a child?
When I’m with my parents.
When I’m with my parents, I will be a little more stubborn. (Laughs) If I’m with co-workers, I will find it hard to express my inner feelings, but if I am with my parents, then I will be able to speak honestly.

4) When do you feel the most competitive?
When I am truly passionate about something that I really like.
For example, work, exercise, and love. When I truly like something, the passion make me undefeatable. But if I am uninterested in something, I don’t care even if I lose miserably. (Laughs)

5) What were you like as a child?
Cuter than I am now, with pure, milky white skin. I was outgoing, cheerful, and very noisy.

6) If you had a time machine, what would you go and what would you do?
Back to high school days, to study and fall in love!
Looking back, studying is really the most enjoyable thing. (Laughs) I never dated in junior high, and when I heard my friends in high school talk about their dating experiences, I regretted it.

7) What is your favourite season?
Autumn & Winter.

8) What do you look forward to most in winter?
Hmm… probably the snow.

9) What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Exercise my facial muscles.
I relax my lips first, then I use my tongue to stretch the insides of my mouth. Because of vocal practice, if you do this once you wake up in the morning, I think it helps to combat the swelling of the face.

10) What is the secret to maintaining a slim figure?
Honestly, I just have a physique that just won’t get fat.
I have never really paid any special attention…this is just natural, so I’m sorry. (Laughs). But I work out at the gym about 4-5 times a week now.

11) What is the favourite part of your face and body?
My eyes.
I’ve been complimented about them before, and I personally like them too. It’s not too small, and not unnecessarily big. I have naturally deep-set eyes, which makes them look better.

12) Are you sensitive to fashion trends?
Although I’m not quite sensitive to it, but I have my own style.
I’m basically in jean, and because it’s now winter, I’ll be in long sleeved coats and match it with knit. I like long tops and coats. (Laughs)

13) Do you read magazines?
I often read fashion magazines.
I usually look at clothes in magazines for recommendations before buying. I also read ladies’ fashion magazines. When it comes to book, I read novels, but for manga, I have only read “One Piece” and not others.

14) What kind of music do you usually listen to?
When it’s cold, I listen to ballads.

15) Who is your favourite musician?
Stevie Wonder.
Before this, I watched his concert in Korea. Watching such a perfect performance, I was so happy that I even cried. It was just too great. (Laughs)

16) What is your favourite food?
On the contrary, there is nothing that I don’t like to eat.
Especially pizza and pasta, I really like to eat Italian food. The only thing I can’t quite accept is dried salted fish, if I have to choose something at all. I feel that I can eat all kinds of food in this world, except dried salted fish.

17) What food or drink would you recommend?
You should drink at least 4 litres of water. It is especially important when you have a cold. It’s good for the skin, and improves metabolism. It’s better than putting yourself through any diet plans.

18) What is your favourite number?
It has always been “2”
Even though it’s a silly reason, but I feel that “1” is very silly. Not wanting to be lower than number 2, and if I work a little harder….. isn’t this the kind of number is it.

19) What book do you like?
Recently, I have been reading “1Q84” (T/N: Novel by Haruki Murakami)
Although I haven’t had much time to read, I was obsessed. I feel that it is a book with an indescribable charm. Actually, there are a lot of followers for Haruki Murakami in Korea. I also read “Norwegian Wood.”

20) Recently, when do you feel the most motivated?
When I am dancing, and practicing singing!!
I am the happiest when I am dancing and practicing my singing. In the process of learning, I can also feel where my limits are. When I reach them, I always feel very regretful.

21) How do you spend your breaks?
I spend it at home, quietly.
Usually, I will stay at home and watch dramas and DVDs, listen to some music. This is normally the case. I was always the type who enjoys the quiet. When there are too many people and it is too noisy, I get uncomfortable, I really don’t like it.

22) If you go out during your breaks, where do you go?
I will go out with friends to drink, or for meals.

23) What sports do you wish to challenge?
I’ve never tried it before. When I am in high places, I will feel very peaceful. In Korea, there aren’t many high places that you can “fly” down from. I have a strong desire to “fly” down from a very high place.

24) What would a girl do that would make your heart race?
When she cooks, then feeds her partner!
When she says “Try this.” And feeds it to me, it should be that feeling. (Laughs) I am the kind of person who wants to live and enjoy good food. In general, as long as she can make a very good miso soup, that would be great.

25) What is the type of girl that you like?
Pure, and cute would be enough
Because I am not a very cute person, so I am probably more attracted to that kind of girl. (Laughs) If she’s slightly introverted, and gentle, it would be even better.

26) Do you like a girl with a sense of fashion?
If she can adapt to various styles of fashion, I think it would be good.
Although this sounds a bit demanding, (Laughs) if she can digest a lot about fashion, wouldn’t she be able to express more of her charms?

T/N: To be continued in Part 2!


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Making of CHANGMIN

Playing the role of a photographer, these are paparazzi shots of the process!
From his serious expression, to his cheerful, gentle interactions with the staff,
We have recorded the entire process of it.

1,2 : Be a photographer for today! Changmin, who is diligently listening to the photographer explain things.

3,4 : Even if he’s just holding a camera, everyone present still finds him extremely cool!

5 : His innocent, smiling face between the shoots.

6 : But once the shoot starts, he is immersed in the world of the photography and has a shining expression.

He seems to have a great interest in the antique camera, and his intrigued expression left a deep impression.

9 : Once in front of the camera, Changmin shows us an extraordinary concentration and dynamic, perfect expressions.

10,11,12 : When sitting on the chair while lying down, his tender, blooming smile is just…!!

13,14,15: Changing out of his knit top and leather jacket, he appears with a retro-style coat. No matter what he wears, Changmin makes it look exceptionally good, drawing sighs from everyone on set.

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