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[TRANS] 110202 Want To Watch TVXQ For 48 Hours Straight?

The first ever behind-the-scenes, full recording of TVXQ's real, personal lives - a guerrilla-type program without a precedent.

Mnet will start recording a special, grand-scaled program starting from February 2 to the 3rd. Following 48 hours of TVXQ's personal lives, what's particularly attractive about this method of recording is that the contents of the program, or any sudden happenings, will not be previewed on television in advance.

Mnet expresses that, "If you don't want to miss out any of their footage, you'll have to watch Mnet for a full day." Only revealing the main outline of the program, "Tuk! TVXQ" will also be covering the backstage highlights of TVXQ's appearance on M! Countdown (1/20, 1/27), as well as the entire comeback process.

The PD in charge of the program, Kim Young Bum said, "Mnet has always wanted to try out a Guerrilla-type production ever since 2NE1TV and BIGBANGTV. This isn't intended to be an entertaining program everyone can watch on television, but rather a mutual experience with your idols in their daily lives and the handling of sudden situations that happen. We want the audience to leave with a lasting impression."

At the same time, Mnet and TVXQ's management company SM Entertainment has reached a consensual agreement so that after two years, SM artists will once again perform on the M! Countdown stage, with things heading to a more positive development.

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