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[TRANS] 120524 Kim Jaejoong Holds Fanmeeting In Taiwan, Earns A Million TWD For The Night

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Korean boyband JYJ’s member Kim Jaejoong held a fanmeet in Taiwan in his own name for the first time on 23 May, attracting a total of 2600 fans. He sang two songs at the fanmeet, earning one million TWD within a day in Taiwan.

There were four interactive game segments in the fanmeet—Charades, Pictionary, Q&A session as well as “attacking” Jaejoong’s bag to see what was inside. These games allowed fans to be able to interact with Jaejoong upclose, and he even lifted up his top to show off his muscles willingly, causing his manager to break into cold sweat as the fans screamed loudly.

Kim Jaejoong also created a romantic atmosphere, displaying his vocals as he performed “I’ll Protect You”, the OST of Korean drama “Protect The Boss”. He also performed a Korean ballad “For you”. As he loves drawing, he even brought the popular app game “Draw Something” on stage, showing off his talent in drawing. As expected, fans could easily guess his drawings, giving Jaejoong much pleasure.

Surprisingly, Kim Jaejoong actually has much knowledge about health supplements at such a young age! He brings medicine for liver protection, and even vitamins for knee and joints protection everywhere he goes. He explained that he had to ensure that he is constantly in tip top condition as he has filming, and have no other choice but to take care of himself through taking these health supplements, causing fans to feel much heart pain.

Kim Jaejoong missed Taiwan delicacies so much that he chose spicy hotpot for his celebration party after the fanmeet ended. After eating, he immediately posted a picture on twitter of himself holding soup dumplings in one hand, while using chopsticks to hold a piece of meat dumpling in another hand, allowing international fans to feel his happiness being in Taiwan.

Constant yawning during his rushed schedule

Kim Jaejoong held his personal fanmeet at ATT Showbox last night in Taiwan, and even though the most expensive ticket costs 4500 TWD, the tickets were sold out within an hour.

Kim Jaejoong has recently started filming Korean drama “Dr. Jin”, he tweeted yesterday morning showing a series of photos of him yawning, and wrote, “I’m so sleep till I have double eyelids, I’m so tired, ah!”. He arrived in Taiwan in mid-afternoon, and there were 300 fans welcoming him at Taoyuan international airport, and he immediately proceeded to Jinghua Hotel.

At night, fans screamed the minute he appeared at the fanmeet, and after singing “I’ll Protect you” and “For You”, he did his usual greetings to the fans in Chinese, saying, “Hi everyone, I’m Kim Jaejoong.”

Attacking his bag, revealing medicine bottles

It has been a year since Kim Jaejoong last visited Taiwan, and he expressed that he has always been eating soup dumplings and would like to try other Taiwanese delicacies. He laughed, “I want to eat something that’s good for men’s health!”. At which, the host immediately introduced him to snake soup at Huaxi Road, to which Jaejoong asked, “Is it delicious?”. Fans immediately replied, “Ne! (‘Yes!’ in Korean)”. Jaejoong said he would try it the next time.

The contents of his bag was searched and shown during the fanmeet, revealing his wallet, handphone and cologne, as well as knee and liver health supplements and cod oil. He said, “I don’t have time to eat during filming, so I can only eat health supplements to take care of myself.”, leaving fans feeling the heartache for him. He left Taiwan today at 1:30pm via flight KE692.

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