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[TRANS] 120716 "Successful Asia Tour" Kim Junsu To Hold World Tour In America And Europe

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Singer Kim Junsu will go on a world tour in Europe and North and South America.

CJES Entertainment, who manages Kim Junsu announced on 16th that "Kim Junsu has released his first solo album, and he has swept the (music) charts of various continents. He will be taking a next step to going on a world tour after the Asian tour."

Kim Junsu will be taking a world tour in 2-3 cities in Europe and North and South America.

CJES Entertainment expressed, "This tour is to be in conjunction with Kim Junsu's repackaged album which is in the midst of preparations. This album is targeted at the world market and will include an English song music video which will be produced in the US. Currently, we are not able to announce any information regarding the famous American crew that will be participating in this."

American officials said that they have seen the success of JYJ's world tour, as well as the rising popularity of Kim Junsu in Korea. The title track "Tarantallegra" showed attempts of being different from Kpop music and the music video received high praises. They feel that Kim Junsu would be able to demonstrate global popularity through his world tour.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu has held his Asian tour in Seoul, Thailand, Indonesia, China and is currently preparing for his final leg of his Asian tour, to be held in Hongkong.

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