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[TRANS] Idol Group TVXQ Wants To Spend Their 10th Year Anniversary With Fans


[My Daily = Intern Reporter Jeon Hyung Jin] Idol group TVXQ! wants to spend their 10th year anniversary with the fans.

TVXQ! recently had a photoshoot with one of the best fashion magazines, Cosmopolitan for their September issue. The 50's movie theme for the photoshoot was also emphasized with autumn accessories such as classic jackets and scarfs.

For this interview regarding their 10th year anniversary, member U-Know Yunho said "(for our 10th year anniversary) I want to hold an event together with the fans."

And "I want to show a fun live and performance that everyone can enjoy instead of a cool one." he went on further regarding his wish for their 10th anniversary event.

Regarding their record-breaking cumulative sales in Japan that holds a 3,100,000 mark, member Choikang Changmin says "The feeling is really good. I think that it's an honor to be talked about in the Japanese market beside other world-famous artists. I would like to keep breaking new records so that when other artists break our records, our name TVXQ! will still be talked about in the coming years."

[Planning their 10th year anniversary, member Choikang Changmin (left) and member U-Know Yunho (right) photo: Cosmopolitan]

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