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[TRANS] 121015 Charitable Idols JYJ, Even Their Donation Events Are At Worldwide Level

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JYJ, has received much attention recently for continuously doing donation events, allowing children around the world to receive much aid.

Students from Thailand who were affected by the floods had received medical aid and educational materials and their joyful expressions were captured on video, which was released via JYJ’s official youtube channel( recently.

Last year in autumn, Thailand met with the most severe floods in the last 50 years, affecting 1 million children and over 9 million people. JYJ not only donated 200 million won worth of relief aid items, they also helped to restructure many businesses and appealed to the public to join them in a video message, eventually receiving many appreciation letters from their Thai fans.

From July to October last year, JYJ also supported “WASH”, a project by Canada’s elementary school, situated at the Fungurume region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Through building clean washrooms, and educating the teachers and students about hygiene-related illnesses, the residents were more united as they interacted more often with residents from other regions. “WASH” project allowed much improvements of the hygiene conditions of 847 students and 6 teachers, and 300 residents were educated on hygiene, while over 40,000 people had access to the radio broadcast about epidemic diseases.

JYJ members not only donated scholarships individually, they also aided many less fortunate families in Korea and worldwide as a group, and continued sharing about child hunger overseas. JYJ said, “Whenever we see the happy smiles on childrens’ faces as they receive their educational items, we’d feel that it’s a pity we can’t hand these to them personally. We hope to donate more to the needy in future.”

On the other hand, JYJ has been busy with their solo activities. Kim Jaejoong’s “Jackal is coming” will hit the cinemas in November, while Park Yoochun’s TV drama “Miss you” will be broadcasted soon. Kim Junsu has successfully ended his solo concert tours in Asia and America, and is currently preparing for his Europe tour.

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