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[TRANS] 121207 TVXQ Star Column - SM Town Family


Yunho: Shot while preparing the bday party with cute maknaes EXO! Took this pic especially for naver star column. They're doing their best so please always support them.^^ 


Yunho: This time it's with SHINee's Minho~ Minho who follows his hyungs very well! Seems like they've only debuted yesterday, and now They truly became a cool group. Shiny SHINee, let's keep 'fighting'


Yunho: This time is a pic of the maknae line besides me~^^ Shot a pic with cool SHINee's Taemin, increasingly prettier YoonA and Seohyun Including me and Changmin, everyone's is a cool maknae.


Changmin: This time it's with Super Junior^^ These two who feels like brothers! Together with Donghae-hyung and Shindong hyung who have a sense by Making a "We are T!" to promote it with us! People who will watch the world tour would know right? When we say "We are!" what do u do? You will all reply with "T!" loudly and make the gesture with your hands! Promise to not forget^^ We are T!


Yunho: This time I'm with EXO dongsaengs. Having a chartered plane is as expected,really nice to move around~ It looks like I'm talking seriously. Next to me is cute EXO-K member Baekhyun


Yunho: f(x) dongsaengs who passed by our waiting room! They came when Changmin was still soundly sleeping! Let's all take a commemorative shot! I wonder what kind of dreams Changmin is having. I'm starting to wonder what responses this pic will receive^^


Changmin: For our Bangkok perf, SHINee's Minho was the surprise guest. Usually we invite female fans to the stage and fans find it offensive(?), but this day Minho came out and the audience cheers was louder! After the perf, a pic of 'Kyu-Line'^^


^ some more pics from the blog that we haven't translated yet ^^

Source: [naver]
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